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 Julie of the wolves Wolf Characters

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Julie of the wolves
Julie of the wolves

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PostSubject: Julie of the wolves Wolf Characters   Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:22 am

Name- Dragon
Gender- Female
Strength- She is a great fighter, knows who she is, and she is very clever.
Weakness- She can become blinded by her love, she feels sometimes she must keep fighting and she has a temper if you find it good luck.
Pelt Color- A very tick pelt with soft shades of an almost purple-silver color saddle with white covering her legs and underbelly.
Markings- Nothing special.
Eye Color- A light purple-blue color.
Personality- She is quite and doesn't like to get into fights. Although if you question her she will remove your ears. She is stubborn and quick-witted. She also enjoys being in small crowds or by herself out in nature. She is kind and caring but can become very protective if pushed. She knows who she is and doesn't let any one tell her differently. She can be a natural born leader and she knows the territories well. Will stand up for her friends and knows when a fight shouldn't be start but when she does start one she is hard to stop.
Other- Dragon has been a loner for as long as she can remember. She has been planing on joining a pack but is not sure which to join.
Picture- It is not letting me post pictures yet will post them soon.

Name- Soul
Gender- Male
Strength- He is very strong, fast, and quick-witted.
Weakness- He can get cocky, and can start unneeded fights.
Pelt Color- A ruddy brown red color with hints of black.
Markings- Nothing special.
Eye Color- Red
Personality- He can be a bit gruff and mean, but in reality he is sweet and kind. If you can find that don't leave him or hurt him for no one will ever see that side of him again. He is a doesn't like to be challenged or questioned if he is in charge. Does have a soft spot for pups especially his. Would rather be a leader instead of a follower.
Other- He was the leader of a pack not to far from these packs. Had a mate who was expecting his pups and his life was good. Then the humans came and every one is his pack was either killed or taken away; including his mate. To this day he still has nightmares of this and sometimes wishes he would have died along with his pack.
Picture- It is not letting me post pictures yet will post soon.
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Head Admin (Site Creator)
Head Admin (Site Creator)

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PostSubject: Re: Julie of the wolves Wolf Characters   Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:31 am

Approved!Smile You can start RPing!

Les Loups Chantent.

Sapphire- Head Admin.
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Julie of the wolves Wolf Characters
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