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 Wolf Body Language

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PostSubject: Wolf Body Language   Wed Apr 10, 2013 8:59 pm

I thought this could help, I didn't write this list. It is from

Wolf Talk

Licks Chin = I have a crush on you
Licks Cheek= I think you’re cute
Licks Ear + Forehead = Will you be my mate?
Licks Nose = I love you
Licks Neck = We belong together
Licks Back = Stay with me
Licks Paw = I'm sorry or please don't go
Licks Constantly = I love you so much
Licks Forehead + Cheek = I need you forever
Licks Shoulder = I need you now
Licks Belly = Im ready for pups or I want pups
Twine Tails = I will always love you
Lays Head On Back = Don't forget you're mine
Look Into Each Others’ Eyes = I think I’m falling for you

Alpha Language
Ears Forward + Bites Muzzle + Growling = I am your Alpha!
Ears Up and Back + Tail high = Do you dare disrespect me?
Ears Forward + Bares Teeth = Respect your Alpha!
Bites Side + Claws at Shoulder = Get out of here!
Snarls + Tail high = I’ll put you in your place!

Whimpering + Tail Low = Im sorry! or Please forgive me!
Ears Low + Whimpering + Tail Tucked = I mean no harm
Ears Flat Against Head + Whimpering + Tail tucked = Fearful
Staying Low to Ground + Tail Tucked + Licks Alpha’s Chin = You are my Alpha
Roll on Back = I give up, you are my alpha! or I'm sorry Alpha!
Bows Head = Respect

Lowers Head + Snarls = I’m warning you! or Last chance!
Snarls // Bares teeth = Get away!
Snarls + Tail Up = Back off!
Fake Lunges = I will attack!
Backs Away + Growls = I’ll get you later
Snaps At Air = This is the last straw!

Licks Constantly = Grooming
Licks Chin = Hey
Licks Cheek // Nuzzle = Comfort or Its ok
Touch Noses = Hello
Play Bow + Yipping = Lets play!
Tackle + Bark Playfully = Dogpile! or Playfight!
Tackle + Nip Anywhere on Body = Lets playfight!
Paws Face = Your silly
Play Bow + Bounds Away = Cant catch me!
Nip on Nose = I win!
Lays down = I give up!
Flick Ears = Unsure
Marks Territory or Area = This is mine now!

Rubs Tail Under Chin = Flirty
Rubs Against Body = You know you want me
Winks + Flicks Tail = See you later

Licks Tail = I'm ready to mate
Licks Back (male) = I'm all set or I'm starting
Lays Down With Butt Raised (female) = I'm reading or I'm all set
Shakes Butt (male or female) = that's enough
Licks Fondly = We'll continue later

Pulls Ears = Let's play!
Whimpers // Whines = I'm hungry or I want milk!
Shakes = I'm cold!
Snuggles Paw = I love you Momma or Daddy

Loud long howl: Calling for a mate
Loud howl: Calling someone
Low Howl: Calling my pups
Long Howl: Telling pack to attack!

Nose touches
Nose to Nose: You are the one.
To Forehead: I respect and love you.
To Cheek: You are such a cutie.
To Stomach: It's okay, it's just a kick to mate, it also means hey guys! to the pups.
To Neck: Protect me.
To Chest: You have a beautiful soul

Pounce: Lets PLAY!
Tail between legs: i am scared
Twirling around in circles: Being a show off or a flirt.
Gets down low and snarls: back OFF or DIE!!!
Rubs Tail Under Chin: Flirty!
Unsheathes claws and snarls: I'm breaking up with you/I hate you!
Tail In between Legs: I'm scared!
Alpha Pins You: Leave now!
Rubbing Bodies Together: You are so hot.
Brushes Tail Under Chin or Stomach: Flirty...
Roll On Back: I give in!
Paws At Chest: Flirty
Twines Tails: Be mine, forever.
Male crouches in front of female and bares teeth: She's mine

Les Loups Chantent.

Sapphire- Head Admin.
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Wolf Body Language
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