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 monkeyzoo9's wolves

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PostSubject: monkeyzoo9's wolves   Tue Apr 09, 2013 6:05 pm

Um, do we make our wolves here to? I'm guessing so...xD I get to make the second set of wolves!

Pelt Color-
Eye Color-

Name- Snow
Gender- Female
Strength- She is a smart, quick thinker, and a good hunter. She's also a ok fighter, just isn't teh strongest.
Weakness- Being locked up, small area's, she's not that strong.
Pelt Color- Snow white
Markings- All of her paws have black stockings, her left ear is black, and her fure around her right eye is black.
Eye Color- Saphire blue
Personality- She is a stubern wolf, you can rarely get anything through her mind. She's head strong and will never back down from a fight. She's protective and caring twords her loved ones. She can act a big pupish and will want to play if someone is feeling down, to make them feel better. She's also a very curios wolf.
Other- /
Picture- Do you post them here the same way you do on Howrse?

Name- Shadow
Strength- Strong, good hunter and fighter.
Weakness- Not that fast
Pelt Color- Pure Black
Markings- none
Eye Color- Emerald green
Personality- Smart, strong, he's not that mean unless you make him mad.
Other- /
Picture- later

---This has been posted by Sapphire---
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monkeyzoo9's wolves
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