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 WolfatHeart's Wolf

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PostSubject: WolfatHeart's Wolf   Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:33 am

Name- Bramblefrost
Gender- Female
Strength- Speed and Agility
Weakness- Strength and Eyesight
Pelt Color- The fur on the dorsal side of her is a mixture of black, cream white and grey, her face being mostly white with a stripe down her muzzle that turns from silver-grey to reddish tan at the tip. However the fur surrounding her face and the rest of her head is a silver like grey and slight white streaks. The tips of her ears are an ochre and brown mix. On the ventral side (the belly, underside) she is cream white with tinges of rich tan and her legs are fully white as are her paws.
Markings- None, or rather I think they were covered above.
Eye Color- Gold like but hazel
Personality- Bramblefrost is calm and sensible, she knows when she is going to lose and won’t start a fight that isn’t needed. She looks after her friends and stands by their sides as well as keeping an eye out for anything that might harm herself. She hates to be submissive but knows it’s essential to keep peace until she finds a pack. She would much rather run than start a fight, not because she is a coward but rather she knows she would be more likely to survive if she runs than if she fights.
Other- No

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Head Admin (Site Creator)

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PostSubject: Re: WolfatHeart's Wolf   Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:38 am


Les Loups Chantent.

Sapphire- Head Admin.
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WolfatHeart's Wolf
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